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    White Paper - Overcoming Java Vulnerabilities

    Overcoming Java Vulnerabilities to Code Manipulation, Reverse Engineering and Theft White Paper


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Securing Data-at-Rest in Files, Folders and Shares: Building a Sustainable Framework - White Paper

HSM Secured Manufacturing - Solution Brief

Softing Industrial Automation Depends on SafeNet Sentinel to Secure its Intellectual Property and Copy Protect its dataFEED OPC Software Solutions - Case Study

符合支付卡行业数据安全标准 (PCI DSS)

对于零售商、金融机构、支付处理上以及会大量存储或访问支付卡信息的其他公司/组织来说,符合支付卡行 业数据安全标 准(PCI DSS)要求是一个重要的强制要求。这份白皮书详细说明了PCI DSS为保护敏感的持卡人 数据而设置的多项重要要 求,同时也说明了如何采用多种具体的SafeNet方案满足这些要求。

Making SSL Faster and More Secure - White Paper

License and Entitlement Management in the Era of the Internet of Things - White Paper

Sentinel Fit - Product Brief

Sentinel Fit delivers award-winning software protection features combined with sophisticated, webbased entitlement management capabilities. Sentinel Fit is ideal for embedded systems; supporting virtually all boards and microcontrollers and is free from CPU and operating system constraints.

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